La forma dell'inverno (video)

During the years my work changed the way to see the lands where I live. Not only, it deeply changed my vision of living the urban and sub-urban areas. Today people don't know the world where they are living and they don't know anything about their roots. Doing public art for years made me very interested in anything you can see in the public spaces, expecially small signs, things. Painting on canvas, drawings, doing music it's very important to me, but after years I still need, in some special moments, to go out and to do "things" for me only. Witouth this "things" my art loose his first meaning. During the years I stopped to search the most visible spots to paint, I think I prefere to find a lonely place, to find a place with a special energy, and a special moment to do it. The black of the shapes is a symbol in contrast with the white of the snow, but I didn't searched for it. It's natural.
I found many connection with some prehistoric abstract engravings found on many stones in my area (Piemonte) called cup marks. My "things" are "rituals".
My grandfather, when I was a child, told me about this man-witch, who lived on the forests of the suburbs of my city in the early '900. He was making some magical stuff "fare la fisica" (lettarally making the physics) and I remember a lot of stories about calling thunderstorms and rain with simple sticks and stones and some unknown words. There are many anthropological studies about this people, and their social (and magical) way of life and vision of the word.
This is the second video I made alone with my compact camera on this subject.